How I am making 400+ on the side as a Brand Ambassador

As a mom of two and college student trying to get out of debt I am always looking for high paying side jobs to help pay off debt. I came across ads for being a brand ambassador where you can make up to $50 an hour but more so around $25-$30 an hour. The gigs were easy, simply talk to potential customers and pour drinks or pass out samples!

I have been a brand ambassador before but stopped due to my hectic schedule while I was going to school full time. So far in total, since starting back up in September 2017 I have earned $877.92, that is JUST September! I have started my side jobs for October but so far I am on track to make an extra $247.50 unless I accept more gigs than I will make more.

You often see people at your local stores such as Costco or Walmart passing out free samples well being a brand ambassador is the same. I have done events at Walmart passing out samples as well as an alcohol demonstrator.

In order to get a side job like this you should be at least 21 and be able to be on your feet for an extended period of time. Also, you should be outgoing. I have met some amazing people which have turned into friends. There is also no specific training but every client is different. You will be given detailed instructions before each event. The shifts also vary and some you can reach out to the booking agent and they will adjust times to work with your schedule so that the event is covered. I typically work alone but have worked with another person twice. Finally, there is no start up cost. Every event I have done has come with everything I needed. The stores also have a spot where they want you set up and a table if needed.

There are companies that aren’t real and you need to make sure you ignore their scams, especially when they want you to pay to be selected first. Indeed often has listings for brand ambassadors. One company I have worked with is On the Rocks Models. There are a lot of companies to choose from but make sure you do your research.

I take photos, which is sometimes required, to show clients I am interacting with customers. I like clients to see I am enjoying my job and the customers are having fun. This helps me insure that the client will trust me and I can continue getting bookings from them.

Have you been a brand ambassador? If not, would you to earn extra income?

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