I finally made it to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM! I was traveling to Las Vegas and this was a must for me to see.

Sprinkles was first opened in 2005, selling more than 2,000 cupcakes in their first week! The founder Candace Nelson was on “Cupcake Wars” before opening her first shop. On March 6th 2012, Sprinkles opened the worlds first cupcake ATM. The cupcakes are stocked fresh everyday and the ATM is open 24/7! Perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth anytime! The ATM stocks cupcakes, red velvet is a favorite, gluten free cupcakes, vegan cupcakes, pupcakes and even cookies!

The ATM is gorgeous and hard to miss. The touch screen walks you through the process. It is a very user friendly and gives detail description of each item. I ended up choosing red velvet since it is known as a favorite of Sprinkles. You get to watch your cupcake being selected and then presented to you nestled in a tiny box.

The cupcake was delicious and I am not a big red velvet fan. The cupcake was presented perfectly and the short experience was fun!

The location I went to is outside the Linq hotel at:

3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Check out the Cupcake ATM video here



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