Nacho Daddy

I heard about this craze on Pinterest, where I draw most of my inspiration for my bucket list. Nacho Daddy is located East of Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue. We went to Pampas Grill and were unable to get to Nacho Daddy from inside the Miracle Mile shops so had to go outside.

I was super nervous about doing the Scorpion shot but the Bartender told us that it was not a live Scorpion and gave us a small one in our shot glasses. You can also take the Scorpion with any drink.


You can see the Scorpion in the shot glass and the Scorpion was small. You also get to keep your glass afterwards.


One person backed out so here is a better picture of the Scorpion that is placed in the glass. I would say the Scorpion was about the size of my thumb, maybe a little smaller.

Right to Left – Myself, Keith (my Dad) & Dawn (Dad’s girlfriend)

This is the three of us before the shot. Dawn backed out on the Scorpion shot halfway through. The shot wasn’t terrible but I felt like the Scorpion was stuck in the back of my throat even though I know it wasn’t. Keith said the same thing. It was a fun experience. I am always adding things to my Bucket List and venturing out trying anything at least twice. I am  glad I did this as it will be a fun story to tell for many years to come.


Let me know if you have done anything like this! What is the craziest “to do” on your bucket list?

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