Eiffel Tower Experience

This a huge adventure on my bucket list but unfortunately this is as close as I am getting right now! I had been looking forward to this for months! I found a groupon for it which included two tickets to go up the Eiffel, two photos and souvenir drinks.

I am an adrenaline junkie! Even with that being said as soon as we got in the elevator to go up to the top my knees started to buckle! I am terrified of heights! By the time I got off of the elevator my hands were trembling and wet from seeing how far we were going up! The Eiffel Tower takes you up 460 feet in the air and gives you a 360 degree view. You can walk around the Eiffel Tower on top in a complete circle.


I was shaking I was so frightened by the height! I could only walk around once (barley) and then waited for the Elevator to come back up so I could go back down.

I was actually disappointed in myself for not staying up longer. I knew if I didn’t do it then I would regret it. Overall it was a great experience and the package was a deal!

The staff in the elevator was great, the gentlemen talked the entire time which helped a lot. After this I am not sure if the Eiffel Tower is in my future anymore or on my bucket list! 460 feet up was high enough for me!

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