My biological father flew in from Las Vegas to meet his grandchildren for the first time, he met my son when he was six months old but has never met his grand daughter. The kids had a blast meeting him and getting to know their grandpa. It was definitely a weekend for the books. I only wish I had gotten more photos. While their grandpa was here he found this place in the mall and thought it would be great for all their energy.

We were at Mid Rivers Mall and there is a store called KB Smash, which has games and one is Knockerball. If you have never heard of Knockerball it is a game in which people step into a large plastic inflated hollow ball (or bubble) and run into another or play games such as soccer. The bubble is made of either PVC or TPU which allows the bubble to run, flip and hit others without getting hurt.


There are harnesses to strap into the bubble but from our experience they do hurt. My son was pretty red and complaining his neck and shoulders hurt after he got out of the bubble. The kids did have a blast! Claire is three and Hunter is six but the recommended ages are six through twelve for the medium and twelve and up for the large bubbles.

I have personally never done this but I have Zorbed in Tennessee and I think the kids would like this a lot more. Sadly, no trips to Tennessee anytime soon!

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