Spend An Hour Here A Day And Get Free Products!

I spend roughly an hour a day but sometimes I only have time to spend an hour or two the entire week. One of my couponing friends got me hooked onto this.

It’s super simple really. You fill out snap surveys, complete campaigns and answer questions from other Influensters. When you go to your profile you will see something that says “You have 4 Snap Surveys”, or “#GiftCrush”, everyone’s profile is different. You can see my profile example below!


After you click on “Go to Snaps” it will show you all the surveys it wants you to complete. Each category has numerous or sometimes not many questions for you to answer. Depending on your answers it may populate more making the survey last longer. You may or may not have reviews to fill out but if you don’t want to then you can skip them.


When you click on “Go to Campaign” you will get a screen like the first photo, on left. It will tell you exactly what to do to complete your campaign completely. After you do an item you will see it update like the photo below on the right. Some are really simple and may just be clicking like on a Facebook page or following a brand on Instagram. Others you may have to upload a photo with a hashtag on a certain social media site.

After you complete surveys, campaigns or reviews you will be notified that you have unlocked badges. This just opens more possibilities for more VoxBoxes you can receive.


These are a couple that I have received; Bonita VoxBox, E.L.F VoxBox, Herbal Essence VoxBox, I Do VoxBox and Holiday VoxBox.

I cut back a lot recently with my big move and now that I am feeling finally settled I started doing this again. So far I have already qualified for three VoxBoxes.


After you qualify Influenster will send you an email and have you complete a survey. After the survey if it asks for your address you may get a VoxBox. Sometimes it will say “Sorry you do not qualify” based on the answers you provide. It could be a VoxBox with makeup and if you answer that you don’t wear makeup then they more than likely will not send you one. The purposes of VoxBoxes is to get honest product reviews from consumers as well as consumers sharing on social media these products. Influenster never asks for any payment information and the VoxBoxes are completely free.

I love Influenster because I get to try new products I normally wouldn’t buy and end up falling in love with them. Influenster also helps me get out of my comfort zone. I never wore lip liner until I received a VoxBox. Now I love lip liners!

You can use my referral link by clicking here.

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