Hug From Home DIY

If you haven’t learned by now then ya’ll should know I am super cheesy. While searching for Christmas gifts from grandkids I came across this adorable hug from home pillow. Since having kids I think the majority of their gifts are all DIY’s. I feel as though those are the gifts that mean the most and are worth so much more than any store bought gift. My children’s grandparents live in other states; two of them live in Wisconsin and the other two live in Nevada. Gifting DIY gifts helps them feel not so far away!



Fabric Marker

Super easy! A cute meaningful gift under $5! I found the pillows on sale at Sears for $1.00 and the fabric markers were $3.97 I believe at Walmart.

I bought two pillows since they have two sets of grandparents that live out of state. Next I had to find fabric markers that would work great on the pillows and hopefully not expand the letters when I started writing. I took to google and these markers had a lot of great reviews so I thought I would use this brand. However the markers were very dull after the first couple words and no matter how much I pressed down it didn’t help improve color at all. I was not very impressed with this brand.


I could have started over and bought new pillows but I honestly knew I would probably run into this problem again. It didn’t look terrible so I just continued on.

There are a lot of different versions to these pillows and quotes but I went with:

“Hugs from Home: I hugged this pillow really tight & cuddled it all night…Sending a BIG hug your way to help brighten every day! Hug & hold this near your heart & you’ll feel my love & we won’t seem so far apart!!! I love you”

 Overall, it’s just a simple gift from the kids to remind their grandparents how much they miss and love them every day.

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