A Year of Dates

If you are on Pinterest you know this isn’t a new idea, this idea is literally all over the web and a huge craze right now. I am going to share with you what I did and the ideas I came up with. This is a pretty big project and it took me a few months to plan everything, pre-pay and pre-plan!

If you have seen this before you know the generic, it is 12 pre-planned and/or pre-payed dates for you and your significant other. I however wanted to do two dates for each month. One maybe out on the town and another at home, However, some months both are nights out. We have three children so our “us” time is important for many reasons. I wanted to give him the gift of time and this was the best idea I could come up with for us.

The Kit:

  1.  I used 12 9×12″ manila mailing envelopes, this gives you ample space to add your letter, gift and etc
  2.  Introduction Letter, in the front I placed this letter so he would know what exactly this was, no explanation needed.
  3. I typed out, my handwriting is terrible, the months and attached them to each envelope
  4. Basket, or something to hold all envelopes in. I placed them all in a basket, to me this was better then just wrapping all the envelopes together and it wouldn’t fall apart when he opened it.


This is just a generic I made for new couples, it is not the one I gave him. Fair warning, I did tell ya’ll I have terrible handwriting! I probably should have typed these but this makes it a wee bit better…right?!

The Dates:

**The dates I put in the kit fit to us and some of the example photos you may not get, you should use date nights that make sense for ya’ll as a couple**


  • Movie Night. I did a couple date nights involving movies because we enjoy watching new movies together. In this envelope I added a Fandago gift card and Mike and Ikes!


  • Shooting Range. I am all about new adventures and doing things new together. As of yet, we have not been to a shooting range together and we have talked about it a few times so hopefully this will finally get us to the range! I found a deal on Groupon so this was an inexpensive date! In this envelope I included the Groupon voucher and a plastic gun!
  • Music Night. I love music probably more so then him! In my opinion, there is nothing more romantical, my favorite word, then listening to music and dancing with your significant other. Honestly, how often do you really get to do this? Spur of the moment you never know what band you’ll find and it could turn out to be a new favorite. Most places are $20 covers or even free, another inexpensive date. In this envelope I included some money for wherever we end up!


  • Rock Wall. We are always doing new adventures together and I love that he allows me to do things on my bucket list! Although he may not do them with me he is there with me and that’s what I love; experiencing life with him. I am terrified of heights so I am nervous about this date night but it is something we haven’t done together! I also found this on Groupon, A two hour date for two under $40 is a great deal to me! I included the Groupon voucher in this envelope!
  • Cooking (Night In). I love to cook, I cook so much food at times but it is something I enjoy. I love cooking for him and finding new recipes we can enjoy more often together. I have never let him pick a recipe out of this book, we love movies and it is something more personal then just dinner and movies. We have done something similar and it was under $50. Finally, in this envelope I included a blank recipe card so we can add it to “Our Favorites” recipe book!

You can easily make your own Kit or download a top of free ones, which I will include! I like writing things out because to me it is more personal and original.

Open When Date Night

12 Months of Dates

Date Ideas Card Box

If ya’ll find some others comment the link below!

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