Date Night In

I love date nights but sometimes I just want to lay low and have a mellow night….maybe I actually do this a lot! I live by the saying that you should always date your husband. Sometimes life gets in the way but these little dates even date nights in are important in a relationship for many reasons.

I am always looking for new things to do or different dates to do and I was really excited when I found this amazing Etsy listing! Scary movie date night? Sign me up! This date night was under $25.00. The cupcakes were only $2.00, the Etsy kit was around $15.00 after tax, the movies were $3.00, printing since I used card-stock was $3.00 and the blanket was $1.00 from Christmas clearance! I really liked this & have never done one like this. I liked that it wasn’t what you typically see for date nights!


I have done something similar. I set up almost the entire house with balloons, pictures on the balloon strings, candles leading to the bedroom, a huge fort over the bed, food from Pasta House, dessert and movies. Sometimes I try to be “romantical” but men are different so this time I tried this out instead.

If you are wanting a “cheaper” alternative I did find this really cute listing!

There are a couple other things on there to! You can find it by clicking here. This is a free download. I did google “movie date nights” and a ton of links populated so I am sure you can find a “scary date night” as a free download as well!

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