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Dating your Spouse

I firmly believe you must always date your spouse. I think this is so important especially when you have children and careers. Sometimes life gets in the way. My Significant other does so many little things for me and I feel it’s important to also show him just how much he means to me. I wanted to celebrate him so used a weekend that was one year exactly from out “first date.” Long story short I do not consider this moment our first date but he does so I went with it! How so, by re-creating our first date…sort of.

I always want to do something new that I haven’t done for us before. So this time I decided to start out with a scavenger hunt. I found these cute blank cards here. I started with placing one on the garage door so that he would see it as soon as he got home, no chance of missing it. The first clue led him to his gym bag to pack, since I planned a night away. I had one take him to Walmart, Pretzel time, our first date then back to the first hotel we stayed at. I even worked with the hotel to find out exactly what room we stayed at previously and booked the same one. I wanted one more so I added just an “I love you note under his driver seat that one card led him to.

I had previously planned our whole night out. After scavenger hunt leading him to hotel I had it set it up to go see one of his favorite bands, DRZ, at the Bottleneck Blues Bar at the local casino. We ended up having dinner in the casino which was so delicious! I really had originally planned to go to a new restaurant I have been wanting to go to for a long time then a place to grab drinks before hand but he took longer with the Scavenger hunt then I had thought he would.

As far as the hotel I had decorated the entire room as much as I could. I used a ton of pinterest ideas. I ordered a giant “Love” letter balloon, “his” and “her” pillow cases, an “I love you because” frame which I made, quotes I put around the room and finally his gifts. Most of these gifts can be found on Amazon.


I had incorporated this date night into the the “Year of Dates,” I made him for Christmas. So when he opened April’s envelope he would see this as one of the dates but we had already completed this date! I had been planning this for a couple months!

Let me just say that planning this was not stressful but instead so much fun. The only thing is I hate not being 100% honest with him so I would have to tell him I was running errands which was partly true!

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